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introduction Edit

The design and construction of a library/community center, new school classroom block and updating our existing structure with the proceeds from New York Times Best Seller the Opposite of Loneliness.

The founder of the Akaa project Lauren Grimines conceived the Idea of expanding her vision to work with, support, and create opportunity for families in the Akaa community in the Eastern Region of Ghana. As a non-profit organization, the Akaa Project works alongside families in the village of Akaa to alleviate poverty and promote self-reliance. We focus on strategies to improve the health, education and financial wellbeing of the village families. To advance in this mission she decided to raise funds to build a community centre which double as a library, a new four classroom block and a renovation of the old classroom.

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the core team Edit

The Asiafo Amanfro community is as a rural community has a lot of natural resources from timber, stones and vast land. This has a great influence in their built environment especially housing construction and occupation as farmers. They uphold their cultural values and social structures. This drove the idea of an all inclusive design and building approach, where  the community memebers were involved in the design process from start to finish.

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what is still needed and why Edit

The project has the Library/Community Library completed. The new classroom has 80% complete but in use. what is needed are ceiling materials and notice/ exibition boards for the classroom.  Again the windows and doors fan light levels are not completed with the horizontal battens. with work in progress on the third phase.

Currently Bulldozer/grater to level land, trees/plants/flowers, grass/sod, retaining walls and sitting areas are needed for the school

We are able to make material suppliers, "sponsors" of the school yard. We can display their names on our website and on our school campus. We will also share the suppliers generosity with our email list of hundreds of friends and supports from the US and Ghana.

Work force:

Currently a Landscape architect, erosion specialist is needed. We are able to add collaborators to sponsors of the school year and project. We are also able to house and feed specialists/architects for their time on site.

Funding support:

Funding is required to complete the ceiling, notice/exhibition boards for the new classroom block, the landscaping . 

We have raised funding for the school structures including a new classroom block, library and renovation of old classrooms. However, the erosion and school yard landscaping have not been funded and is providing a difficult barrier to quality education.

Funding  is needed to complete this bit of the project remaining of the project, to  commuity is taking care of the lanscape, errosion and play area which is made from local materials of bamboo, timber and car tyres to provide a good outdoor environment for the children.

We are able to provide a "sponsorship" of our school yard. We can display their names on our website and school campus. We will also share the funders generosity with email list.


The renovation of the old block has not started as the required rreinbursement has not been made by our builder (Hive properties Ghana) after agreements in the last 6 months. I believe advice will be required as we built a friedly and cordial relationship in the building process and did not wat to take legal actions after several arbitrations.


Our project is a pilot project in providing low cost sustainable schools for deprived rural communities in Ghana. We are looking forward to extent this to other communities who lack educational facilities, with priority on the library/ and community center which is a focus for literacy, ICT (information, communication, technology) and youth development programs that will benefit more children and students in rural Ghana. 

We need marketing and media support for crowd funding for the project expansion to other communties in order to provide quality education for chilren in rural communites.

impact Edit

The sense of history of the Akaa community is portrayed in elements of its physical structure of building style and the built form.It physical structure is a record of buildings that make up the town and is a trace of past activity. The fabric and construction connect the people to history. The Akaa project sort to uphold this character of the town in the design process.

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Project details
Project name: THE AKAA PROJECT
Description: This the design and construction of a community library and clas
Category: education
Design: Yaw Kuffour Sarbeng
Consultants: lynuxsky (designers) and Hive Properties Ghana (Builders)
Building status: proposal (Buildify submission)
Construction period: August 2015 to Date
Needs: supply, work force, funding support, advice, promotion
Location: Asiafo Amanfro, Ghana
Coordinates: 6°10'39.3'' N, 0°11'26.9'' W
Tags: earth, vernacular, community practice, education
Project ID: 692
Published: 2 October 2016
Last updated: 19 December 2016
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CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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